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PetMed Nutrition 

Non-GMO, No Chemicals, Natural, Organic

Nothing Artificial, No Fillers

Nutritional, Beneficial, Healthy, No Lies

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PetMed Nutrition is designed with optimal pet health in mind. We specialize in cats, dogs, and horses. We make all products in the USA with strict guidelines, and traceable natural and organic ingredients. No artificial anything, and zero chemical preservatives. Even our flavors are all natural and plant based. 

We Really Make It! Stop in our FDA plant in Tampa and meet us.

Vegan Products
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PetMed Nutrition is the future for superior natural and organic pet health available today. 


Human Grade, Natural and Organic, Healthy & Beneficial Products. Made in the USA, by us.


Science and quality is in every product. PetMed Nutrition makes healthy choices easier and fun.

The path to a healthier and better pet life is now.



PetMed Nutrition is all about enjoying the nutritional and beneficial ingredients that will serve your furry pet person well, and help with a better, healthier and a more enjoyable active life.   

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We welcome, retail consumers to purchase off this site. Free shipping to your USA address in the lower 48 States with any purchase of $50.00 or more.


Welcome to our Wholesale/Distributor section.

Here you will find special prices and discounts based on the amount you purchase.

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